What We’re Currently Working On

Transitional Home

After meeting with the Department of Health and Welfare, we’ve seen an immediate need in our community: a transitional home for children to stay before they are placed with a foster family.

This home is for children in transition from their current home to a foster home. Once opened and fully-licensed, children will be able to stay while the Department of Health and Welfare finds them not just the first home but the right home! This will help the caseworkers focus on finding the right home and help the children ease into foster care. Essentially, this means that the children wouldn’t have to sit in an office for hours on end or in some cases, have to sleep at the office until a home opens up.

We are happy to announce that after finalizing a few details our home will be officially licensed to accept children entering the foster care system!

We are still raising starting costs to have the home ready to care for children as soon as our contract is finalized. Thank you for any part you are able to play in this journey!

What We’re Currently Doing

Community Partnerships

We come alongside already existing nonprofits in Boise such as Boise Angels (who partners with local foster families) and JEMfriends (who works with aged-out foster youth and leads a teen mentorship program).

Community Nights

We host monthly community nights to build a community for foster children and parents. The vision is to build a bridge between foster parents who are seasoned to those who are new to the idea. This would also build community for the children; there is also an unspoken bond for those in foster care, so allowing the children to come together helps them feel like they are not alone. In these community nights, we will also recruit people to join the foster care community. God exceeded our expectation of 50 people at our last event and 86 people came together.

Foster Parents’ Day Out

We frequently host ‘Foster Parents’ Day Out’ which takes place in a safe and fun environment giving Foster Parents time to run errands, go shopping, etc.